Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done a few weeks ago when Julia was 12 weeks old. We went back to the location where we were married, the shores of Lake Sheen right by our house.  We had a blast and Julia was her typical laidback tolerant self. Such a good girl. If I'm not mistaken I think she was hamming it up for the camera...

Happy Thanksgiving

Julia's first Thanksgiving was a blast! We went to Chad's Dad's house in Williston for a big dinner. Papa and Grandma Karen always have lots of yummy food and this year was no exception!

Even better was the company. Aunts Tammy and Becky, Uncles Tito and Robert, and all the cousins. Alyssa, Dylan, Bekka, and the newest addition Rosalyn. Rosie is only 5 weeks younger than Julia! Julia liked sitting in the papasan chair with Rosie and being carried around by Alyssa :)

On the way home I couldn't resist a bit of early Black Friday madness. We stopped at the Wal-Mart and I grabbed a supported sitter seat for Julia. Half price and it only took 15 minutes= WIN! 

Well that was fast...

After only 5 days on the market we sold our house in Orlando!  South Florida here we come. We are looking at houses in Boca Raton and Wellington but I think Wellington is winning. We will keep you posted on the results of our house hunting.
Julia does amazing while we travel with the realtor. (I think she just likes staying in hotels, she is her mother's daughter ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

12 week developmental update

Some new skills in the baby world:

Julia rolled from her back to her front for the first time at 11w 5d.  She was kind enough to do it while Chad and I were both there so we could see it.  She seemed totally shocked to find herself on her stomach!  she started sleeping on her side 20 minutes after the first time she rolled and hasn't stopped.  Since then she pretty much flips as soon as we lay her on her back.

She 'talks' constantly and loves to have conversations with you.  She changes the tone and inflection as she talks and its funny to dub in what you think she's saying.

And for the most exciting news of all... she had been sleeping through the night for the past week! And not just 'through the night' in the traditional baby sense. REALLY all night long. She goes down by 9pm and sleeps until between 6-7am! I have been afraid to jinx it but wow do I love it. Hopefully she will continue to love sleep as much as her mommy does!

Julia's First Halloween (and other fun)

What a fun week we had!  The Saleskys came to visit and we had a non-stop week of activity.

 In just 6 days we:

Celebrated Halloween twice (the first night was to visit a local haunted house and the next night was actual trick or treating).  Julia was a butterfly but was asleep in the stroller as soon as we walked out the door to the first house at 6:30pm.  The older girls had a blast though I enjoyed eating their candy for the next 3 days :)

Went to the zoo - The biggest hit for the big girls was the playground.  Julia slept through the whole thing...

Went to the aquarium - The Florida Aquarium in Tampa is awesome.  We highly recommend it.  Julia slept through it.

Had family pictures taken - Stay tuned for the results...

Went to DisneyWorld - Best. Day. Ever.  Some would question the wisdom of taking an 11 week old to Disney (and to be honest if we had to purchase tickets we would have passed - Thanks so much Christina and your cast-member passes!) but it was amazing.  We saw princesses, Mickey and Minnie, and other Disneyish stuff.  Baby J alternating sleeping in the stroller, staring at the passing activity, sleeping in Chad's arms, being the subject of a zillion cell-phone photos.  She never cried or fussed the entire 11 hr day!  Infact, I think she thought it was pretty much the perfect day - Mommy and Daddy just hold and stare at me all day and I never had to do tummy-time - FTW!

WOW - What a busy week!  Julia loved meeting her friends Nya, Sage, and Ayla.  She just watched them with wide eyes.  Sage was her special helper all week, bringing her toys and singing songs to make her smile. Nya kept explaining that Baby J was Ayla's 'baby friend' since they weren't big like Nya and Sage.  Cuteness all around :)

Moving to Miami

Oh boy... here we go!  Chad got transfered wo we are off to South Florida.  We will probably live in Boca Raton instead of Miami proper and spent lat weekend looking for houses.  Julia was PERFECT the entire weekend riding with the realtor and viewing 20 houses in 2 days!  She napped, ate, and compared neighborhoods like a pro :)  We haven't found the perfect house yet but she will make sure it has a good pool and plenty of garage space for all her trikes :)