Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moving and Shaking

A few tid bits from the past weeks...

Valentine's Day was fun this year. Chad and I always have Indian for Valentine's dinner and this year was no different. I suggested eating at home would be just as special but he wanted to take BOTH his Valentine's out. We had fun but it was a bit different than years past :) 

Chad's territory covers all of south Florida and he travels to each client a few times a month. Last week Julia and I went with him to Pompano Beach and Delray. We have a blast exploring the town while Chad is in meeting all day. We went to the beach, ate at sidewalk cafes, and scanned local consignment stores.  When she is older I think we will have fun at all the cool children's museums.

Julia's physical adventures haven't slowed. For those of you following along she started rocking on hand and knees at 4 months and crawling at 5 mo which is freaky early. Now at 6 months she is pulling herself to stand on anything she can get ahold of! She can't quite 'cruise' because her feet aren't coordinated yet but it is so cute to see this TINY baby standing.

She is way more focused on moving rather than talking and she mostly still grunts and growls to communicate. Mostly she just wants milk and to be picked up!  I met a mom at the store who has a baby exactly the same age who says 'mama', 'dada', and 'baba' but doesn't even roll over much yet! (And he had 3 teeth)  Babies all develop so differently it's amazing!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Visit with Grandma Edie

We had a lovely (but too short) visit with Grandma Edie and Skip this weekend. They drove 4+ hours to see our new house and love up little Julia.

We pushed Julia's afternoon nap time  trying to have her awake when they arrived. Unfortunately, she was a tired/cranky mess when they arrived and was in no mood for a family reunion. We put her down for her much needed nap. Well instead of sleeping 2 hours like she usual does she slept 30 minutes. Now she was doubly tired!

Poor Grandma Edie drove half way across the state and Julia wouldn't even look at her! She clung to me like a baby sloth and dissolved into tears over and over when Grandma even looked at her.

She was overtired and over-simulated and we had dinner reservations looming. We knew this could be disastrous... Thankfully she rallied and ended up being an angel for a very long (and delicious) dinner.

After a good night's sleep she and Grandma spent the morning playing and showing off her crawling, sitting, and drooling skills. All was right in the world as far as Grandma Edie was concerned :)

We loved having Edie and Skip visit and can't wait to see them again soon. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families.