Sunday, February 9, 2014

Visit with Grandma Edie

We had a lovely (but too short) visit with Grandma Edie and Skip this weekend. They drove 4+ hours to see our new house and love up little Julia.

We pushed Julia's afternoon nap time  trying to have her awake when they arrived. Unfortunately, she was a tired/cranky mess when they arrived and was in no mood for a family reunion. We put her down for her much needed nap. Well instead of sleeping 2 hours like she usual does she slept 30 minutes. Now she was doubly tired!

Poor Grandma Edie drove half way across the state and Julia wouldn't even look at her! She clung to me like a baby sloth and dissolved into tears over and over when Grandma even looked at her.

She was overtired and over-simulated and we had dinner reservations looming. We knew this could be disastrous... Thankfully she rallied and ended up being an angel for a very long (and delicious) dinner.

After a good night's sleep she and Grandma spent the morning playing and showing off her crawling, sitting, and drooling skills. All was right in the world as far as Grandma Edie was concerned :)

We loved having Edie and Skip visit and can't wait to see them again soon. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families.

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