Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5m 2w

This weeks highlights:

Julia can sit up with minimal support. If you get her balanced she can sit alone for a minute or two before slumping or tipping.

Her favorite toys this week are her fabric book (in German) and her v-tech sit and stand play station.

This week Julia tried out her tricycle. She is still way too small of course but we can tell she is going to be a hammerhead like her Daddy!

Solid food- we are beginning solids slowly. We are doing it a little differently than most people... The trendy name is 'baby led weaning' but really it just means self-feeding. Instead of spooning pureed food into her mouth we let her 'eat' any food she can get to her own mouth. The developmental theory is that babies should learn to eat by learning to chew first and swallow second. Either way, at this point anything she chews on is mostly for fun and her nourishment still comes from mommy milk. So far she has tried avacado, banana, and pancakes. Julia mostly likes sitting with mommy and daddy at the table like a big girl :)  The days of dinner and straight into the bath have begun! 

Those are the highlights from this week. We hope our friends and family across the country are staying warm.  It's odd watching news coverage of the 'polar vortex' impacting the country while we are in shirts and t- shirts.  We love having guests so let us know if you want to escape the cold and come visit!

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