Monday, November 11, 2013

Julia's First Halloween (and other fun)

What a fun week we had!  The Saleskys came to visit and we had a non-stop week of activity.

 In just 6 days we:

Celebrated Halloween twice (the first night was to visit a local haunted house and the next night was actual trick or treating).  Julia was a butterfly but was asleep in the stroller as soon as we walked out the door to the first house at 6:30pm.  The older girls had a blast though I enjoyed eating their candy for the next 3 days :)

Went to the zoo - The biggest hit for the big girls was the playground.  Julia slept through the whole thing...

Went to the aquarium - The Florida Aquarium in Tampa is awesome.  We highly recommend it.  Julia slept through it.

Had family pictures taken - Stay tuned for the results...

Went to DisneyWorld - Best. Day. Ever.  Some would question the wisdom of taking an 11 week old to Disney (and to be honest if we had to purchase tickets we would have passed - Thanks so much Christina and your cast-member passes!) but it was amazing.  We saw princesses, Mickey and Minnie, and other Disneyish stuff.  Baby J alternating sleeping in the stroller, staring at the passing activity, sleeping in Chad's arms, being the subject of a zillion cell-phone photos.  She never cried or fussed the entire 11 hr day!  Infact, I think she thought it was pretty much the perfect day - Mommy and Daddy just hold and stare at me all day and I never had to do tummy-time - FTW!

WOW - What a busy week!  Julia loved meeting her friends Nya, Sage, and Ayla.  She just watched them with wide eyes.  Sage was her special helper all week, bringing her toys and singing songs to make her smile. Nya kept explaining that Baby J was Ayla's 'baby friend' since they weren't big like Nya and Sage.  Cuteness all around :)

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  1. I love your blog. It's a beautiful thing. Happy to follow along and watch your beautiful daughter grow! Inspiring me to pick up my blog again! -Emily