Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7 Weeks

Not much to report this week...

Julia is making more sounds and is starting to use facial expressions to initiate contact with Chad and I. She doesn't just wait for us to smile, she will start first. It's especially tough to resist her grins after the 3 am feeding. I know I should just put her in her crib, pat her, and walk away but she is so darn cute and sucks me in for extra kisses every time...

Chad was out of town for work for 2 nights last week. It was the first time J and I were on our own. (Chad has been gone before but my Mom was visiting then.)  We did fine but boy were we glad to see him on Friday!  He even surprised us by coming home midday instead of dinnertime.  J is an EXCELLENT baby but it's mentally exhausting not having another adult to back you up occasionally. I am awed by single moms. My hat is off to them!

A few random pictures from the week:

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