Friday, October 25, 2013

9 Week Visit to Atlanta

Chad had meetings in Atlanta this week so Julia and I rode along and spent a fun week with Oma! Julia I'd a champion traveler now and slept the entire 8.5 hrs in the car except for a quick stop for dinner and a diaper change. The short times she was awake she just enjoyed staring at her (obviously amazing) wiggly fingers and the dogs who were riding on the seat next to her.
At Oma's house she:
Had extra tummy time
Visited with our good friends Amy and Mike. (And their practically-all-grown-up awesome son Justin. Who is such a nice young man.)
Decided she didn't need naps
Got a custom car seat canopy out of cool bicycle fabric made by Oma
Got lots of snuggles from Oma and Uncle Andrew
Slept 9 hrs straight for the first time!
It was a great visit and we are always sad to see Oma in the rear view mirror...

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