Saturday, July 5, 2014

10 months

Julia started walking more than just a few feet at a time last week. Since the middle of May she would walk holding our hand but didn't want to let go. We would walk all over the house with her until our backs were going to snap. Finally she decided we were too slow and just let go. She had one bad fall head-first into a corner but otherwise just did down if she feels unsteady. She does best if she is holding something small in her hands, I think it distracts her a bit so she is more fluid. Now she walks all over the house!

She is also a little climber. Yesterday I found her halfway over a 2ft doggie gate! I was less than 3 feet from her and was so quick that I barely grabbed her. She got her toes onto the horizontal adjuster bar and then leaned her belly over until she was stuck parallel to the ground! Thankfully she didn't go the rest of the way over before I grabbed her!

Her last (heart-stopping) daredevil move was to squirm out of the harness and tray of her high chair. She was supposed to be eating blueberries and cheese while I cooked dinner... I had my back to her for maybe 3 minutes. I turned around to see her STANDING in the chair smiling and waving at me!

I swear I am not letting Julia run wild while I eat bon bons! I am rarely more than 5 feet from her all day long but she is so quick (and quiet like a ninja) that I can barely keep one of her feet on the ground.

I have the world's most freakishly agile 10 month old... Oh goodie, this should be fun...


Cheering on Holland in the World Cup!

Forehead 0 : 1 Very Sharp Corner
Moorish Baby Gate 
She is plotting her escape

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