Monday, July 28, 2014


It's great having both of Julia's grandmas close enough to visit on any given weekend. We are so excited that my mom (Oma) bought a house in Vero Beach so she is only 75 minutes from us! We are equally glad her new house has a big pool! ;) 

Another treat is that Chad's mom (Grandma Edie) is even closer for the next few months. Normally Edie lives in Dunnellon which is 4 hours away BUT her boyfriend (Grandpa Skip) has taken on a work project in Boynton Beach for the next few months so we get to see them (only 30 minutes away) pretty much whenever we want!

What a treat for Julia to have both grandmas so close for awhile. Who knows how long we will live in south Florida, so we are enjoying it while we can.

Here are a few pictures of our last visit with Oma. Unfortunately I only got one picture from Skip and Edie's, Julia was too busy to grab the camera :(

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