Thursday, September 5, 2013

17 Days Old - New Eating Routine

Well today we are trying something new.  Instead of just feeding Julia 2 oz of expressed breast milk at each feeding we are going to try letting her have as much as she wants until she stops feeding.  I know that sounds pretty simple but for the past week every 'expert' I have asked said she only needs 2oz at a time because her stomach is very small.  Well I keep feeding her 2 oz (every 2 hours) and then she still cries and is obviously not quite full and isn't done eating.  I was so worried I would hurt her stomach if I fed her more I kept with that 2oz rule.  In fact, when Chad fed her more I would get upset that he would hurt her.

Well today my friend Sharon (who will be mentioned a lot in this blog because she is my 'baby-expert' friend) assured me a baby is not like a goldfish and will not eat until they explode.  So for the next 2 days I will offer her 2.5 oz of breastmilk then have another half oz of formula standing by.  If she doesn't need the formula then I will just throw it out (that way I'm not risking wasting any of my hard-won bm). 

I've already done it for 2 feedings and the results have been dramatic.  She ate until she fell asleep and seemed so content.  It almost makes me cry when I think of how many times I have made her sleep with a tummy that wasn't quite full :( 

 I can't wait to tell Chad about it when he gets home.  I'm sure he will be glad because it is basically what he has been saying since the beginning but I was too scared to try...  Lets see how this goes...

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