Monday, September 9, 2013

Our First Road trip

Well last weekend was a weekend of firsts!  On Sat Chad, Julia, and I headed to Dunnellon to visit Grandma Edie, Papa Danny, and Grandma Karen.  It took us 2 hours to get the gear into the car, dogs loaded, baby fed and strapped into the car seat and everyone actually into the car!  Needless to say this train moves a little slower than it did before... 

We headed 2 hours away to Grandma Edies and Julia slept the whole time.  She hates being strapped into the car seat but once she is in a moving car she falls asleep instantly.  Grandma Edie was so excited to see her again (she hadn't seen her since the hospital) and loved holding her.  We spent some time eating and staring at Grandma.

 After a few hours we headed down the road to Papa Danny and Grandma Karen's house for a surprise 65th Birthday party for Danny.The whole crew was there - Aunts - Stacey, Tammy, and Becky. Uncles Mike and Tito, and cousins: Troy, Alyssa, Dylan, and Bekka.  Julia slept for most of the party, even when the balloons were popping around her!  Bekka seemed fascinated with her and kept watching her sleep.  Hopefully she likes her own baby sister that is due in just 3 weeks :)  When she woke up we took some group pictures and Aunt Stacey admired her tiny toes. 

We headed back to Grandma Edies for the night and poor Julia was a bit out of sorts.  Overtired and over stimulated is a bad combo and it took us and hour to get her to sleep even though it was obvious she was tired.  When she doesn't want to sleep she doesn't really cry much just lays eyes wide open for hours and fights sleep.  She finally fell asleep at 10pm and slept until 4am in her favorite swing.  At 4 she ate and went back to sleep in her snuggle nest in our bed until 7:30. 

I was awakened by her grunts and something hitting my side.  She had completely turned 90 degrees and was kicking me as she woke up!  I quickly jumped up to get her bottle warm because I didn't want her to cry and wake anyone else up.  5 minutes later I run back to the bedroom to feed her and find her fast asleep again stretched the rest of the way into my spot.  She slept for another hour (until 8:30!) while I enjoyed my coffee with Edie in the family room.  Other than her being a bed hog she is an amazing sleeper for 3 weeks old!

We spent the rest of the morning hanging out with Grandma.  Other than a poop-explosion that required a bath and spot cleaning the recliner... it was a wonderful morning. Soon we had to leave to head home because Oma Sue was coming into town to meet Julia for the very first time!!!!!!!! (More about that in the next post)

Getting a quick bath

Two sleeping beauties hogging the bed...

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