Monday, September 30, 2013

6 Week Party Girl

Julia is getting more active and animated every day.  She turned 6 weeks on Sept 28th and we celebrated with a yummy lunch at Red Robin with Guido.  She slept through the whole lunch even though the restruant was VERY loud.  We have had the beginnings of beautiful fall weather (which means temps in the mid-80s instead of 90s) so we decided to stroll Downtown Winter Garden.

Daddy has a convertible ZL1 Camero as his company car for a while.  While a very hot car, its not designed for car seats and I wish we had a picture of me sitting with my knees touching the dash so Julia's seat had enough room in the back!  Honestly it was easier to put the top down to get her in and out that through the door...  After a diaper change on the trunk lid we had a lovely time window shopping while Daddy carried Julia in a mei tai (carrier).

Another 6 week note is that her hair is getting longer and curlier every week!  Its a medium brown, not super dark but definitely curly!

The faces she makes are hilarious and she is starting to interact while we talk and make faces at her.  She is ready for her screen debut.  Anyone know a good agent?  :)
Uh oh, I think they're on to me. We better scram...

Who? Little ol' me...?

hee hee, that was fun!

I'm not happy with this story line...

Mommy, you are so silly...

Party on!  Girl power!