Friday, September 13, 2013

Visit with Oma

We have had the best week with my Mom (Oma)!  Julia loves having Oma around to hold her and give her bottles. Since Chad was in Miami for work for some of the week it was wonderful having her here so I can get a few things done around the house and actually shower! The biggest struggle I am having right now is needing to pump 8 times a day.  Its impossible when I am home alone with Julia to get it done because once I feed her, play with her, and put her down for a nap I have no time left to pump.  Oma really helps me relax and not feel like I will go crazy trying to cram everything in and Julia get extra love and snuggles - we both win!

Since it takes an act of Congress to get Julia and I fed, dressed, and out of the house we spend a lot of time at home which can get pretty boring.  With Oma here we were able to get out more and plan some stuff around town. 

Tuesday we went to a Le Leche meeting to help me work on Julia's nursing.  She seems to latch and nurse well it just doesn't seem like she is transferring much so we are still going to visit the oral motor specialist for more help.  I really want to eliminate having to pump and feed bottles...  Afterwards we went out for a yummy Thai lunch.  Julia slept through it but Mom and I enjoyed it!  Then we were feeling very ambition so we went to Cheesecake Factory and met some of my mom friends for a birthday lunch for Ana.  We split a piece of cheesecake and then had to make a hasty exit when Julia woke up crying.  We did more that day than I had in 3 weeks :)

Wedneday we took Oma to the salon and she got a haircut.  Since my mom is very particular about her hair and has had some bad experiences (stylists who had no idea how to handle curly hair...) we were glad she tried Holly, who has been cutting Chad hair for years.  Holly did her magic and cut mom's hair giving her a fresh shape and removing some dead ends and didn't make it too short.  Julia was an angel during the visit!  She slept most of the time and just peeked her eyes open a few times when people were talking to her.  Everyone said she was adorable!  Because we were all feeling so good we took some pictures of Oma and Julia when we got home. 

Thursday we went to a consignment sale and I got some stuff for Julia and Mom got some stuff for Suzie!  We stayed just the right amount of time and Julia didn't get fussy until the last 5 minutes.

Overall this has been a wonderful visit with Oma.  She is so helpful and and makes the days fly by.  This infant stage can be a bit tedious and boring and having Oma here makes it much more fun!  We will miss you when you go back to Atlanta tomorrow Oma, hurry up and buy a house in FL so we can see you more often...

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